Koey Li


“My 2030 New Urban is a city where its people can feel joyful, grounded and at home.”

Koey joined SVhk in 2017. In 2021, she officially joined the impact communication arm of SVhk — SONOVA, with a hope to create social changes through storytelling and training. Before joining SONOVA, she was a member of Innovation And Incubation team. Her main focus has been on working with cross-sector partners to curate projects bringing positive social impact. The topics range from sustainability to wellness while the corporate partners for creating-shared-value (CSV) projects include Bupa and Yip’s Chemical.

She strongly believes there is a “wonderland” in this world where people can live happily and age gracefully. Therefore, she is passionate in looking for ways to bring happiness to herself, people she loves and the community. “What is the purpose of our existence if we do not enjoy our lives?” she said.

Apart from her work in SVhk, she has a creative side of drawing, crafts and illustration. She hopes to bring joy and peace to people through her creations. For more about her creative side, please go to:

Website: www.bykoey.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bykoey
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bykoey

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