Harmony Li


“My 2030 New Urban is an era of community co-creation.”

Harmony joined SVhk in January 2017 as a Manager of the Innovation and Incubation team. Prior to SVHK, she worked as a children’s magazine editor and in corporate communications of different NGOs.

She cares deeply about the development of young children and is always fascinated by their creativity. One of her memorable experiences is working with special needs children in an Orphanage in QingHai for one year. Being able to witness their eagerness to learn despite their disabilities fueled her passion for helping to empower underprivileged children and their families. In her free time she loves to wander the streets of old districts, paying visits to old public housing estates and wet markets to fully immerse herself into the local community.

Harmony graduated with a Bachelor in Social Sciences, HKU, majoring in Psychology and Media & Cultural Studies.

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