Edith Chan


"My hope for 2030 New Urban is people aware of their strengths and be a better version of themselves everyday"

Edith joined SVhk as an affiliate in January 2013 and volunteered in Heart-to-Heart Life Counselling and Education Services. After that she joined Playtao as a Chief Coordinator, undertaking responsibilities such as external liaison with partner schools and funders, internal workflow improvement, and creativity training within Playtao.

Working with SVhk means Edith is able to work with a group of brilliant people who share the common value of working towards creating a better society. To Edith, SVhk allows her to realise her own romance of an ideal society while at the same time romanticising the reality of our society.

Edith hopes to change our education system which often produces “losers”. Our system is overly focused on producing exam-oriented and profit-making “machines” who will walk along the path predefined by society. However, Edith believes that one should not be limited by their upbringing. The important thing is to know what one wants and to uncover the hidden talents inside every one of us. It is her dream to motivate people to use their heart to feel the world around them, to use their mind to think positively, to use their body to act and to use their creativity and passion to solve problems.

Edith is a thinker and enjoys the freedom of driving and the mindfulness of cooking. She loves volunteering as she can help others while reflecting on self. She also enjoys interacting with different people in the world through teaching Zentangle and leading docent tours in museums.

Prior to joining SVhk, Edith has had years of experience working on curriculum design, project management and creativity training in various educational institutions. Edith holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a Master of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology from the City University of Hong Kong. After obtaining a Master of Social Sciences in Psychology of Education degree with Distinction from the City University of Hong Kong, she understands how education liberates her mind when you are truly passionate to learn.

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