Hailey Choy


"My 2030 New Urban is a city that embraces happiness, enhances quality of life and encourages mutual support for everyone.”

Hailey finds the SVhk core values match hers, she is also a person who cares about social changes, sustainability, and innovation. In fact, all her previous focus was on those values too. Prior to SVhk, she was with the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.

Wherever she goes, she loves the connection with people. As a registered social worker, she finds it meaningful to use her expertise to positively impact others' lives. That is why she was with UNICEF and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China before, trying to make a difference to the world. She also has spent a decade focusing on special education needs and family education.

She went on a working holiday earlier to explore the possibilities of the world and herself, she thought innovation always comes from an adventurous journey.

Besides verbally impacting people with positive thinking, she now also explores possibilities to bring positivity to people by using arts and crafts. Particularly working on sustainability upcycling arts and crafts.

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