Reimagining The Future With Young Changemakers




Sep 2020

Every summer, SVhk welcomes a group of local youth to join our annual summer internship programme Social Leaders Programme (SLP). This year, we ask: how can we better empower youth with a sense of purpose and resilience in an unknown future? How can we create hope amongst the young generation during such difficult times?

Together with 10+ social enterprises and cross-sector partners, we introduced the New Urban Fellowship for 18 youth to explore and create new possibilities for change as inspired by SVhk’s New Urban goals. From discovering purpose during a week-long bootcamp with  immersive learning experiences, to gaining work experience with an internship at a selected social enterprise in areas ranging from healthcare to sustainability, education and more, the participants were encouraged to practice social innovation on the field alongside a like-minded community. 

They also had the chance to create their own New Urban projects and pilot innovative solutions to interested social issues. As Jasmine Chan, one of the interns of SVhk’s community team said, “we want to try to help and do as best as we can. Hopefully with our small effort and contribution we can make Hong Kong a place that continues to feel like home.” 

Projects included:

  1. Generation YOU: 港東Stories – an instagram page and storytelling platform for Hongkongers to tell their stories of hope, love and change. By Bakhita Fung  (SVhk),  Jasmine Chan (SVhk) and Cersei Lau (ROC) 
  2. Lifestyle Urban: 跨代共融,由「你」跨過  – a workshop targeted to bridge the generation gap between the old and young and to promote an age-integrated society in Hong Kong. By Jeanie Au (SVhk), Enoch Suen (SVhk), Coco Ho (Jade Club), Vanessa Tse (MedMind Technology), Phyllis Cheng (Heart-2-Heart) and Maggie Lo (Acesobee)
  3. Wellness City: Wellness Revolutiona survey conducted to collect data for the concept of a digital platform that Increases accessibility to exercising, healthy eating and mental healthcare. By Jasper Leung (SVhk), Inky Ip (SVhk), Charmmie Hui (Green Monday), Anthony Ho (ROC), Monica Luk, Crystal Lam (Nature Bathing), Alice Leung (Implifier), Kirstie Chan (MedMind Technology) and Kirsty Poon (Acesobee)

To celebrate the end of the 2-month journey, the youth shared their projects and learnings at the New Urban Live Show (Aug 30), a creative showcase held online which featured performances, fireside chats and conversations with the community. Albert Au, Founder of Acesobee and one of the participating social enterprises shared, “SLP really connected us with like-minded youth to develop new initiatives. Our team learnt how we could work with youngsters to co-create more inclusive solutions for our beneficiaries.”

It has been a summer filled with challenges, but also inspiration, motivation and a collaborative spirit that made all the difference.


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