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Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition Hall

Enlightening with Darkness

Founded in 1988, Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) is an international social enterprise that has reached more than 6 million people in over 160 sites and 30 countries around the world. DiD focuses on promoting the ability of the disabled and creating more than 6000 jobs for the visually impaired worldwide.

Social Problem

610 million people are registered as disabled worldwide. All around the world, existing stereotypes, fears and prejudices have excluded them from equal opportunities. They are often discriminated, marginalized, or treated with pity and welfare.

The Solution

Experiential Exhibition
Visitors are led by visually impaired guides through a totally darkened exhibition, for an unforgettable and inspiring sightless-tour. Over 34,000 experienced this unique exhibition in Hong Kong in 2010.

Experiential Workshop
In the Executive Workshop, build skills of communication and cooperation, by losing the familiarity of sight. Over 2500 people took part in DiD workshops in 2010.

Youth Education Program
In collaboration with Labour and Welfare Bureau of HKSAR Government, the three-phase program educates youth on the UN Convention on disabled persons’ rights.

Social Impact

Changing Mindsets and Nurturing Tolerance
DiD creates strong emotional impact that breaks down barriers, transforming ignorance into interest, prejudice to openness and pity into respect.

Extremely remarkable! More people should try it. It is an experience which can change your point of view towards the blind.
- Exhibition Visitor

Integration and Professional Development of Visually Impaired
DiD provides a platform for the visually impaired to gain self-confidence and independence by realizing their potential.

Fostering Community Cohesion
DiD HK has brought together joined effort of over 35 visually impaired people and 41 organizations in Hong Kong’s visually impaired community.

Pioneering New SE Model in Hong Kong
DiD is the first foreign-founded social enterprise to be established in Hong Kong, and formed partnerships with 10 companies to expand the scope of DiD's impact.

Year One Successes
36,545 Visitors
100+ Executive Workshops
41 Partnering Organizations
10 Visually Impaired Employees
4 Visually Impaired Managers
Feedback Statistics
96% of visitors believe DiD is of great importance to society
80% of the visitors believed the exhibition helps improve attitudes towards the handicapped
98% of the visitors would warmly recommend the exhibition to friends

SVhk Engagement

  • Equity investment with Board participation

Learn more about Dialogue in the Dark: www.dialogue-in-the-dark.hk

Mr. Bryan Wong
Chief Operating Office, Lark Group
Director of Consultancy, SVhk
Ms. Olivia Kan
Ex-Merchandizing Director, 7-Eleven Hong Kong & Macau
Director of Strategy, SVhk