Carlos Yap


“My 2030 New Urban is a place where new generations feel comfortable to live, work, settle down and raise their families.”

Carlos joined SVhk in September 2018 as an Assistant Manager in the Innovation and Incubation team. His main focus has been on impact lifestyle and wellness projects such as WE+ and BottLess, and other creating-shared-value (CSV) projects.

Despite studying Risk Management at The University of Hong Kong, Carlos is eager to pursue a career that can serve and contribute to society. After graduation, he worked at a social enterprise, Dialogue Experience, and was inspired by the way that social issues can be addressed through a sustainable and innovative business model.

Carlos believes that corporations will gradually transform into impact businesses in the near future by continuously incorporating social elements into their core values. He is also passionate about promoting social inclusion and diversity.

In his spare time, Carlos is highly engaged in social services. He has been a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command for over 15 years. In addition to sharing his knowledge and experience on first aid, home nursing and leadership with the youth, Carlos is also actively involved in international collaboration with St. John worldwide.

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