#Go4aBreak Community Engagement


#Go4aBreak Community Engagement


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Breaking the stigma of mental health for youth and their communities


Around the world we see our communities suffering unprecedented uncertainty, stress and lifestyle changes under COVID-19 that adversely impacted our collective mental wellbeing. To better support Hongkongers, Bupa Hong Kong (https://www.bupa.com.hk/) joined hands with SVhk and KELY Support Group (http://www.kely.org/) to launch “#Go4aBreak”, a community engagement campaign to reimagine and advocate new and fun ways to practise wellness. This campaign activated a cross-sector partnership among medical professionals, social purpose organisations, wellness practitioners and local youth to create shared value through a series of weekly webcasts, videos and card games. Together we hope to encourage youth, families, office workers, and their wider community to take a break to refresh, relax and recharge.


SVhk was engaged by Bupa Hong Kong as a strategic partner to develop and curate the campaign, including lining up different wellness partners in the community to synergise collective impact and support programme execution.


Reimagining rest in the city

#Go4aBreak advocated for the importance of “rest” as a way to build resilience and immunity to mental health conditions for every Hongkonger. We innovated new and fun ways to practise wellness, through:


– Mental wellbeing webcast

A series of SONOVA curated weekly webcasts to help young people, families, office workers and the wider community to unwind through innovative and fun activities with sharings from medical professionals from Bupa and Quality HealthCare Medical Services (QHMS), a leading provider of private healthcare services in Hong Kong.

To view our webcasts,

Tidying up in the office

Exercise in the office

Zentangle drawing

A Cappella singing


– Mental health & wellbeing toolkits for youth

An expansion of KELY’s micro resource youth toolkit by creating 2 new topics about mental health and wellbeing so that students can access them online from home.

For more resources to support the mental health and wellbeing for youth


– “Let’s Break It Down” Mental Health Card Game

A card game in both printed and digital formats to help raise awareness for Hong Kong youth and families in recognising the importance of understanding one’s mental health journey through engaging and thoughtful conversations with others.

To learn more about the card game & download your own digital version


Empowering young people to manage their mental health and resilience

The campaign, co-created with the youth, took a preventative approach to help young people understand their own emotions, cope with stress and know how to help themselves and their peers. The “rest” ideas and tools curated were spread to the young people and those that support them through social media, Bupa families, NGOs, local and international schools.


Synergising cross-sector and platform collaborations

This campaign engaged like-minded partners from different sectors, including medical professionals from Bupa and Quality HealthCare Medical Services (QHMS), SONOVA (the impact storyteller), wellness practitioners, KELY Support Group (the local NGO specialised in youth empowerment) and young people to synergise the knowledge, professionals and experiences from their own platforms for a collective impact.


The campaign reached almost 1 million people and involved around 1,000 young people through Bupa families, NGOs, local and international schools in Hong Kong. The followings are some quotes from our partners and young people who participated in this campaign:

“It was great to see the campaign having multiple components and using social media platforms, an area we are also building up over this past year. Throughout the months of October and November, with Mental Health being a key focus for us, the #Go4aBreak campaign was a significant part of our awareness-raising online for our overall community engagement and a fun way to do so as well.  We were particularly pleased to see the various education components that came along on tips to de-stress and find balance. Overall, the campaign content helped us to boost our reach to wider audiences that we may not have been able to do so before.”

– Sky Siu, Executive Director of KELY Support Group

“(let’s beak it down card game) It’s a simple and user-friendly tool to help my clients to engage in thoughtful conversations, regardless if they come from different cultures, background, and ages.  I’ve used it to facilitate discussions with families who have teenage children over the past several weeks with great feedback.  The wording is easy to understand and the scenarios are realistic.  My favorite scenarios is ‘think about how you would react if Ocean Park was closed upon arrival.’

– Kate Tong, Registered Psychologist

“Being part of the creation of this card game has been such an amazing experience. The game uses a fun approach to encourage people to start conversations about any situations or concerns they may be facing. It’s an amazing way for people to use their own experiences to help others.”

– Tiasha Dadlani (16 year-old), designer of card Game trophy cards

“It’s great to see people using their own experiences to develop support for others. The game is really beneficial in a sense that it encourages us to sit down and think and process the different events in our lives! While some of the cards are more funny, they are still based on our experiences that we have in Hong Kong. Even if we are only talking about something funny it’s really important to understand what’s going on in our minds!”

– Alexandra Gough (22 year-old), card game concept & playing mechanism contributor


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