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Enabling all children to receive timely and affordable professional therapy services


Playtao Joyland (“Joyland”) envisions a city where all children can receive timely and affordable professional therapy services to address early childhood development issues. An impact business jointly developed by SVhk and Dr. Joyce Chun (founder of the Hong Kong Speech and Swallowing Therapy Centre (HKSSC), Joyland provides inclusive therapy services including speech, occupational and counselling etc. for children aged 0-6 and their families, whose needs are not being met in terms of timing and affordability by current public and private sector offerings.


SVhk is an investor and provides business strategy, operations, networking and partner development support


Inspire a rethinking of the alignment of public services for early childhood education and healthcare
Joyland is the first platform in Hong Kong to bring therapists from various professions together to work on a similar group of cases and collectively address a child’s development challenges. Joyland combines healthcare and education resources with a multidisciplinary, therapy-based approach offering timely and affordable early childhood interventions.




“My two-year-old son just received his first treatment at Playtao Joyland. I’m really grateful for this opportunity as our family could not afford the expensive treatments offered at private centers and the wait for Government services is way too long. The speech therapist was very attentive to the needs of my child and taught me some practical tips on how to care for him. I truly recommend Playtao Joyland to families who are looking for an affordable and professional treatment for their child! “ - Mrs. Fong, Mother of a child undergoing speech therapy treatment


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