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Playtao Dreamland


Future Talent, Generation You




Inclusive learning programme

Inclusive learning to inspire a rethink of the meaning of achievement


Playtao Dreamland empowers dream-makers through pioneering first-class education programmes offered by top-notch educators to grassroot families. Dreamland’s flagship initiative, Dreamlander Art Education Programme sponsored by the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, is an inclusive art mentorship platform connecting disadvantaged, artistically talented students with distinguished art educators complemented with regular enrichment activities to foster artistic development and personal growth.


SVhk as a concept initiator and incubator, bridging resources and connections with community partners and funders


Personal growth and artistic mastery achieved through unique student-educator mentorship
One-More-Student-One-More-Pe n (OMSOMP, 多個學生多枝筆) is an inclusive art mentoring model charging fees according to family’s affordability for all students to learn based on their own passion supported by an esteemed educator.

Special activities designed to strengthen self-awareness and increase civic engagement
A community art exhibition organised in 2018 showcased students’ impressions of Sham Shui Po in a wide collection of drawings. One participant, Ji-Jun, dedicated a drawing to the owner of Pei Ho restaurant, Chan Cheuk-Ming (Ming Gor) who offers free meals to underprivileged families. Ji-Jun’s family once benefited from Ming Gor’s act of kindness and as expression of gratitude presented his drawing to Ming Gor at the ceremony.


“Apart from drawing, Carl sir also played chess with me, did different handcrafts with me, and even taught me vocabularies… When we asked how he felt about his drawings, Kuen Sing proudly said: “I feel that my drawings are now more beautiful and creative”- Kuen Sing, Dreamland OMSOMP student “Ji-Jun loves to join the art classes and all other activities. He is now motivated and has become more confident”. - Parent of a Dreamland OMSOMP student


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