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Optimizing the value of properties for poverty alleviations


Light Be is a social realty company with the vision to optimize the value of properties for poverty alleviations. Light Be creates a brand new approach to providing housing and empowerment in tandem to its tenants, which not only becomes a new affordable living option for underprivileged families but also unleashes the social value of precious real estate resources in Hong Kong. Light Be delivers innovative social housing solutions and advocates unconventional, community led and diversified transitional housing systems to serve as a long term buffer between public rental housing and the private market.


SVhk is an investor of Light Be offering incubation, network referral and professional services support


Pioneering social housing innovations with unprecedented cross sector partnerships

Light Home: In 2013, Light Be launched its Light Home scheme, which links landlords with underutilised properties and families in need through an affordable rental scheme with family empowerment support. To date, Light Home has empowered over 400 families

Sham Tseng Light Housing: In 2016, Light Be partnered with the Hong Kong Government and a charitable foundation to revitalize an abandoned 50-year-old textile factory in Sham Tseng housing up to 90 underprivileged families. The partnership signifies a first-of-its-kind public-social enterprise collaboration and was featured in the Chief Executive’s 2017 Policy Address

Light Village (in progress): Direct collaboration a real estate developer, New World Development to utilise agricultural land in the New Territories to develop social housing that incorporates creativity and culture


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