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Rede­fining the “Made in Hong Kong” culture with community empowerment


HATCH aims to rede­fine the “Made in Hong Kong” culture by bringing local brands and women with diverse backgrounds. HATCH employs women as talents, providing them with a family-friendly and flexible working model as well as career-building opportunities that create room for personal growth and wellbeing. Besides operating the co-working factory in Kwai Chung, HATCH also engages different corporate to create ‘opportunity employments’ across Hong Kong.


SVhk is HATCH’s parent company and brings in strong support to HATCH’s social innovation strategy, opportunity employment advocacy, network referral, and social mission alignment to ensure its ongoing successes.


Engaging corporates to redefine local manufacturing needs
HATCH is supported by over 20 corporate partners with regular jobs and has curated over 10 special projects with corporate partners to increase exposure of HATCH talents.

Career exploration with Lane Crawford
HATCH was engaged to support the creation of display installations for 8 Lane Crawford stores across Hong Kong and mainland China in preparation for their Chinese New Year campaign. This collaboration demonstrated new possibilities in combining the pursuits of business needs and corporate responsibility through the lens of: sustainability with the use of upcycled Lane Crawford shopper bags as primary raw materials and empowerment by championing the employment and engagement of underprivileged women through SVhk, including mothers seeking flexible working opportunities.


“Before joining HATCH, I was a school administrator for 20 years. Working at HATCH has been an eye opening experience. My job duties range from partnerships liaison, talent coordination to repair and maintenance work. The breadth of responsibilities has sharply steepened my learning curve and pushed me to discover my potential." “HATCH provided me with more than a physical place to work and connect with talents, but a space to dream big. It is my hope that our talents would make use of this platform to enrich their learning and grow in confidence to build their own career path!” - Founder of ChingMaMa Handmade Workshop, HATCH Business Partner


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