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Narrowing Children's Learning and Caring Gap

Playtao addresses the severe poverty issue in Hong Kong by providing a holistic afterschool program for deprived children. By partnering with local schools working with students from low-income families, this pilot project delivers multidisciplinary afterschool programs that broaden students’ perspectives and equip them with well-rounded soft and hard skills, opening new doors to education and career opportunities in the future.

Social Problem

Income and education inequality are serious problems in Hong Kong. Over one million citizens live below the poverty line, of which 350,000 are children. These children have little or no access to extra-curricular development in an increasingly competitive society and this disadvantage is clearly reflected in limited university and career opportunities. Having to take care of the children after school, parents are also unable to find full-time employment, further trapping the family in a cycle of poverty.

The Solution

Multidisciplinary Afterschool Program
The Playtao program consists of modules under four Building Blocks: The Learning Capsule for academic support, Playtao Playground for extra-curricular activities; Growth-in-Action for life education, and Community Channel for social exposure.

Engaged Volunteer Program
A large volunteer base from top schools and universities engage in Playtao as course designers, tutors and mentors.

Parent Tutor Program
The Playtao program engages parents of the partnering schools as program tutors, allowing parents to play a more active role in their children’s education and, for some, generate an income.

Social Impact

There are many underprivileged families in Hong Kong who need to be supported by society. We need more innovative approaches and creative ideas like Playtao Education to address their needs in an effective and sustainable fashion.
- Mr. Ricky Wong Kwong-Yiu, Managing Director of Wheelock Properties (HK) Ltd

Improving Students’ Attitude and Learning Behaviour
The 2010 mid-term review shows that all teachers saw improvement in Playtao students' academic attitude, interpersonal relationships and behavior. Teachers were especially impressed with Playtao's ability to increase students' exposure.

Parent Empowerment and Education
By ensuring that their children are cared for afterschool, Playtao creates the opportunity for mothers of low-income children to take up full-time employment.

Raising Awareness of Privileged Students
Top students learn about the condition of their less-privileged counterparts through hands-on involvement in teaching and program design.

SVhk Engagement

  • Founding partner organization
  • Community network to support children’s activities
  • Professional support: Finance, marketing, operation

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Mr. Ken Kwok
Director, Playtao Education
Member, SVhk
Mr. Leo Ng
Senior Associate, SVhk